Seatbelt Campaign

The Seatbelt Campaign is a provincial wide campaign coordinated annually by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO). The purpose of the campaign is to raise public awareness in Ontario about the importance of seatbelt use.

In Ontario, the law states every occupant travelling in a motor vehicle is required to be buckled up properly and yet people continue not to wear their seatbelts properly or not at all. 

During a collision, properly fastened seatbelts help to distribute the collision forces over larger and stronger parts of the person's body, such as the chest, hips and shoulders. The seatbelt stretches slightly to slow your body down and to increase its stopping distance.  Using seatbelts is the single most effective way to reduce collision related injuries and fatalities. - MTO

KPSC annually participates in the Seatbelt Campaign in order to prevent and reduce injuries in Kingston and area. 


KPSC's 2016 Seatbelt Campaign


As part of the Ministry of Transportation’s (MTO) annual Seatbelt Campaign held from September 28 to October 7, 2016, Mayor Bryan Paterson proclaimed the week of October 1 to 7, 2016 as Seatbelt Safety Awareness Week. The goal of the campaign was to increase the percentage of seatbelt usage in Kingston and area and to raise awareness about the importance of wearing seatbelts whenever you get into a motor vehicle, no matter what your age.



On October 6, 2016, representatives from Kingston: Partners for a Safe Community (KPSC) stood at the corner of two intersections, Bath and Sir John A. Macdonald and the corner of Highway 2 and Fort Henry Drive, for an hour at each location, in order to conduct their annual Seatbelt Count survey. The survey was conducted as part of the not for profit’s public awareness campaign, in conjunction with the Ministry of Transportation’s annual Seatbelt Program. During the two-hour period, 3530 drivers and passengers were observed passing through the busy city intersections. 96 people were observed to not be wearing their seatbelts.

Based on these results, our Kingston Seatbelt Law compliance rate was noted to be 97.3%, up from 94.2% observed during the same time frame in 2015. This is just over a 3% increase in the compliance rate! Congratulations Kingstonians! Unfortunately, there are still Kingstonians risking their lives and the lives of others. When applying the 2.7% non-compliance rate to the reported Kingston population of 123,363 (2011 census data), over 3300 Kingstonians are risking their lives and the lives of others by not buckling up!

On average for the past five (5) years that KPSC has been doing the seatbelt count event, Kingston’s average seatbelt compliance rate has been 96%. Using seatbelts is the single, most effective way to reduce vehicle-related injuries and fatalities. In fact, people in a moving vehicle are, on average, 30 times more likely to be killed if they are not wearing their seatbelts during a collision. It only takes three seconds to buckle up. Three seconds could save your life!

Please join us by continually promoting seatbelt safety and striving for 100% compliance of the seatbelt law. This will help us make Kingston the safest city to live, learn, work and play in! 




On October 31, Kingston Police, Kingston Fire and Rescue and KPSC had the opportunity to participate in École secondaire catholique Marie-Rivier's Halloween festivities! We ran the third annual Quick Click Challenge to promote seatbelt usage. For those of you that don't know what a Quick Click Challenge is, teams of students compete against one another to see who can record the fastest time. Teams of five students must move through each seating positions within the vehicle, putting on and taking off their seatbelts. Participants move to the next seating position only after every team member is buckled up. The team that returns to their original seating position in the fastest time wins! We had lots of enthusiastic students join us for the event on the 31!











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