Road Safety Challenge

The Road Safety Challenge is a yearly road safety initiative to inform and educate youth and the public about existing road safety laws and practices, as well as new laws that have come into effect.


KPSC's 2017 Road Safety Challenge

Kingston: Partners for a Safe Community is proud to have participated in the 2017 Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Road Safety Challenge to help make Ontario's roads safer. This year KPSC targeted pedestrian safety as the focus of the campaign.



KPSC ran a number of events to support the campaign including: 

A number of billboards and advertisements ran in the City of Kingston: 


Pedestrian Safety Activity Packages and posters were sent to the Kingston and area elementary schools to be utilized in all grade levels. 


Road Safety Checkpoints: On June 14, 2017, KPSC held two (2) “Checkpoints” in Kingston to check to see if Kingston drivers were texting or talking while driving. During the two hour period, 4122 drivers were observed, passing through the busy city intersections. 70 people were seen distracted by their hand-held cell phones. Based on these results, our Kingston Distracted Driving Law compliance rate was noted to be 98.3%. The compliance rate has not changed since the counts were conducted in 2016 during the same timeframe. This is disappointing to see as the number of collisions caused by distracted driving continue to increase. On average, one person is injured in a distracted driving collision every half hour (MTO). By not increasing our compliance rate, these collisions will continue to occur.


Also, as part of the Ministry of Transportation’s (MTO) annual Road Safety Challenge, Mayor Bryan Paterson proclaimed the month of June 2017 as Pedestrian Safety Month! 


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