Rail Safety

Due to the high number of rail crossings in the Kingston area, rail safety has become a prominent issue for our community. Over the years our community has experienced a number of tragic losses with respect to trespassing on rail lines and railways in general. Adults, as well as kids are often not aware or are not getting the message that trains and the tracks are dangerous and not there for people to take risks. 

2015 National Rail Safety Week

Kingston: Partners for a Safe Community (KPSC) is proud to have participated in Parachute's 2015 National Rail Safety Week. KPSC had advertisements running on four (4) buses in the Kingston community spreading the message to be safe around trains and the tracks for ten (10) weeks. 




KPSC also went to three (3) "high risk" (located near rail crossings) elementary schools with CN Police Kingston and Operation Lifesaver and delivered a rail safety presentation to the students. The students were also given activity booklets that further advanced their understanding of being safe around railways. 

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