No Regrets Peer Leadership Program

On a typical day, 35 Canadians will die due to injury.

No Regrets, a peer leadership program developed by Parachute was created in order to give high school students the opportunity to actively participate in injury prevention education for young people. Students are able to plan, organize and run activities for their peers focusing on five key messages - buckle up, look first, wear the gear, get trained and drive sober. With online training and resources, students have the tools to make a difference in their schools and their communities. This program will help students develop their leadership skills, as well as reduce the preventable injuries that occur everyday. 


To get involved follow these simple steps: 

Step 1: Register your team 

*Registration and training are free for all participants

Step 2: Complete the follow-up No Regrets survey (sent to you via email after registration) where you outline your plans for the year and request start-up resources from Parachute

Step 3: Get trained

Step 4: Start planning your No Regrets Activities

Step 5: Complete online progress reports as you receive them to help Parachute improve the program and see how you are doing 

Step 6: Contact Parachute or KPSC with feedback or questions at any time


For more information on the program or to register your team visit:



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