Leave the Phone Alone


"I pledge to LEAVE THE PHONE ALONE while driving. From now on, I will avoid distractions caused by talking, texting or using a hand-held device while behind the wheel of a vehicle." 



Distraction-free driving sounds so good. Here’s why:

  • Over 90% of Canada's licensed drivers are affected by distraction legislation in their home province or territory. It is illegal to use a hand held phone to call or text.
  • Drivers who use hand held devices are four times as likely to get into crashes serious enough to injure themselves.
  • Even when you are using a hands-free phone, you are less likely to be aware of the driving environment around you. This can lead to a slowed response to a critical event or worse — you may not detect it at all.
  • It doesn't take very long to create the conditions for a crash. Another study found that in 80% of the crashes examined, the driver had looked away from the road in the 3 second period prior to the crash.

Rethink the way you drive.


Click above to take the pledge today!

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