KPSC Safety Group

Kingston: Partners for a Safe Community has offered programming to the business commuinty since 1997 to assist small and medium size business with the tools and networks to develop and maintain successful Health & Safety programs for the small business employer and young people in their youth transition years.

Kingston: Partners for a Safe Community sponsors a Kingston based muilti-sector Safety Group that provides business members with a support network designed to assist them in building a Health & Safety Management System.

Members recieve guidance in legislative requirements, while assisting them in reducing WSIB premiums and potential claim costs.


Program at a Glance

Safety Groups Program is designed to:

  • Eliminate workplace injuries and illnesses
  • Reduce the burden of workplace injuries and illnesses when they do occur
  • Achieve success by pooling resources, mentoring an sharing best practices in your group
  • Manage your workplace health & safety risks
  • Develop and implement an action plan that fits your company’s needs
  • Utilize the 5-steps for Managing Health & Safety system to achieve success
  • Comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (WSIA)
  • Attain a financial incentive by demonstrated achievement of your goals and improved injury and illness performance


Safety Group Annual Cycle

At the beginning of each year, a firm selects five safety elements that it will initiate or improve upon from the Safety Group’s Achievement List provided by the WSIB. 

Over the course of the year a firm will learn how to implement these initiatives through attending meetings, sharing ideas and pooling resources with other firms in its safety group.

At the end of the year, the group can receive a rebate based on the entire group’s success in implementing their selected Safety elements. In each subsequent year, firms are required to maintain their elements from the previous year and pick five new ones.


5 Steps to Managing Health and Safety

To manage an effective health and safety program in the workplace, a cycle of continuous improvement must be followed. Check out the following document for the 5 Step system and more.

About KPSC Safety Group


How to Join the KPSC Safety Group

If you wish to join our multi-sector Safety Group, please fill out the below forms and submit by fax to 613-546-5513 or email,

KPSC Safety Group 2018 Application

WSIB Safety Group Program Firm 2018 Application


But, before your firm can join the KPSC Safety Group you must:
  • Have the owner or senior management commit to participate in the program (i.e. completing the above forms)
  • Be a Schedule 1 firm paying premiums to the WSIB
  • Be in good standing with the WSIB without charges or convictions under the WSIA
  • Be committed to participating for at least one full calendar year
  • Be in only one safety group at a time
  • Not be a member of the Safe Communities Incentive Program (SCIP)


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