Safety Groups

The Safety Groups Program

The Safety Groups Program (SGP) is an innovative initiative that the WSIB has implemented to help eliminate workplace injuries and illnesses in Ontario. The program is voluntary and rewards firms that implement effective health and safety and return to work measures into their daily business.

Safety Groups is based on the premise that a well-integrated workplace health and safety program is good for business. Firms from similar or different businesses or rate groups volunteer to join a safety group with a collective purpose: to learn from each other’s experience in implementing injury and illness prevention programs. Firms that invest and implement effective health and safety programs can benefit from a WSIB financial incentive.

Each safety group has a sponsor. Sponsors are approved by the WSIB to administer the SGP and to facilitate and support workplace self-reliance in health and safety and return to work programs. Current sponsors represent over 35 employer groups which meet throughout Ontario.

Safety Groups Brochure

WSIB 2018 Safety Groups Application

KPSC 2018 Safety Groups Application


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